The Launch Plan

Let's set your new venture off on the right footing! In The Launch Plan, you'll develop the right mindset for business, join our start up workshops, learn how to build a brand, get comfortable with sales and set the right-sized goals! Importantly, you'll learn how to build revenue.


Freeloader Bundle

The Freeloader Bundle is full of business tips, guidance and knowledge to set your business off on the right path to success. It includes free templates and tools, articles, podcasts, free masterclasses and the Business Secrets E-book!

Startup To Success Workshop

Fresh in business? This one-hour workshop is THE fundamental, live and interactive workshop that includes all the secrets on turning your startup into a successful business. In this workshop, we will show you how to find your next big idea, translate a skill or hobby into a business, understand your market position and build a profitable business! All in a one-hour online workshop.

Closed Facebook Group

Looking for a support network of like-minded entrepreneurs? We know how important it is to surround yourself in successful people who can give you the right guidance, as well as people who are feeling the pressures of business in the same way you are. Our group is a private space where you're free to discuss any of your struggles, questions and successes with our mentors and students.

Side Hustle Bootcamp Workshop

For the thought-leaders and game-changers; the creatives and the dreamers; the ones who are running towards their wildest dreams; the ones who KNOW they are going to make a difference – this one’s for you. Side Hustle Bootcamp the ULTIMATE workshop, designed to get your side hustle off the ground, and up and running. Turn your dream into an effective, viable, PROFITABLE business that you can be proud to stamp your name on.

Course Access | The Secret Weapon of Every Successful Business

Learn how the strength of the mind is the engine room of every extraordinary business. In this course, we reveal what it really takes to be the best business owner you can possibly be. In detail, we cover the most important element of every business – the mind, how it works and how it is affecting your business. Overhaul  your mindset and, in turn, get a better business and a better life. Unlock your potential from within!

Course Access | The Ultimate Brand Builder

Ever wondered how some brands seem to have  the entire world at their feet? Building a cult following is serious business, and  while it seems to be reserved for the elite few who have access  to  some form of magic  branding dust, there is a formula to building a successful brand.  Everyone needs to understand branding in 2020 and beyond.